We always welcome highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in educational research, technology design, and machine learning.

Graduate Students

We support graduate students through research assistantship (RAship), hourly employment, and independent research project course (EDUC990).
If you are interested in joining in our lab, please send the following documents to Dr. Ryoo.

Undergraduate Students

We support undergraduate students in multiple ways through non-paid internships, paid positions, and an independent research project course (EDUC 496). In addition to these positions, we offer a fellowship for students interested in a particular area of research and those pursuing graduate school or a PhD program.

Non-Paid Internships
This is a typical position for students who have limited experience in research but are interested in developing their skill sets. This position is ideal for students intending to gain exposure to the research process and identify their interests and strengths.
Non-Paid Internship Application

Paid Positions
The list of paid positions is ideal for students intending to pursue graduate school, programmer or project manager position, or research-related position after graduation.
Paid Position Application

Independent Research Course (EDUC496)
We offer an independent research course for advanced students who are interested in completing a research project and/or participating in publications/presentations (e.g., manuscript, conference proposal and presentation, and Undergraduate Research Symposium, etc.).

If you are interested, please send the following information to Dr. Ryoo at least 6 weeks before the semester starts.

Examples of Student Independent Projects
  • Using Multimodal assessments to measure middle school students’ understanding of chemical reactions
  • Designing automated feedback to support English language learners' science learning
  • Using log data to predict middle school students’ science learning in a simulation
  • Exploring a flexible computational method for comparing massive interaction data from science visualizations

Areas of Interests
Based on your professional goals, skill sets, and interests, you may work on the following areas.

While it is possible to have more than one interest or switch between tracks, we encourage students to clearly communicate these interests and proactively work towards the designated goals.
Research Team
  1. Researcher Track
    • Activities: Being fully engaged in all aspects of a research project, including collecting data, cleaning/sorting data, analyzing data, and contributing to publications/conference presentations
    • Requirements: Prior research experience is required
    • Goals: Contribution to a publication and/or conference presentation, participation in research symposium

  2. Quantitative Analysis Track
    • Activities: Collecting, Organizing, and analyzing quantitative data (e.g., log data from simulations, pre/post-test, survey data); performing statistical analyses and writing reports
    • Requirements: Prior experience in quantitative methods (e.g., ANOVA)
    • Goals: Development of statistical method to fully run quantitative data that was collected

  3. Qualitative Analysis Track
    • Activities: Transcribing and analyzing video data to understand students' discourse and interaction patterns; conducing and analyzing teacher interviews; development of coding method
    • Requirements: Prior experience in qualitative coding
    • Goals: Application of coding method on fully transcribed and reviewed video data

  4. Teacher Support Track
    • Activities: Assisting in completion of professional development materials for STEM teachers
    • Goals: Creation and dissemination of professional development for STEM teachers in NC schools
Technology Team
  1. Technology Development Track
    • Activities: Designing graphics and web materials for project communication and dissemination to different types of audiences
    • Requirements: Prior experience in graphic design and/or website design
    • Goals: Design of innovative communication of teacher materials for project website

  2. Design Track
    • Activities: Revising existing visualization technologies and automated feedback systems; developing interactive dashboards to visualize data for teachers and/or students
    • Requirements: Prior experience in javascript, html, css, and canvas
    • Goals: Efficient completion of bug fixing and testing for existing technologies; development of interactive, visual dashboard for teachers utilizing this technology system
Management Team
  1. Management Track
    • Activities: Assisting in management of projects, including meeting deadlines, providing feedback for lab students, and leading a team efficiently
    • Requirements: Familiarity with project tasks; prior leadership experience
    • Goals: Clear communication to lab members; ensuring production of efficient work by all lab members in a timely manner (well before deadlines)

  2. Communication Track
    • Activities: Creating content for communication of professional development for STEM teachers; leading communication effort, which may include creating newsletters, summaries of research findings, or survey materials
    • Requirements: Familiarity with creating content using Canva (or other similar application)
    • Goals: Dissemination and creation of newsletter that includes teaching tips for STEM teachers using our technology